Dorm shortage irks Virginia Union students, parents

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — On Tuesday, 8News received calls from Virginia Union University students, saying that they had nowhere to go.

Returning junior Kitami Newby and her brother-in-law had been waiting since 8:30 Tuesday morning for a room that has yet to become available.

“I had my housing application done in April. I did it about three times so that I would have a room by the time I come back to school, but when I got back here, they told me there were no rooms available,” Newby said.

According to a statement from the university, students can apply and give their preference for a room, but they’re not assigned rooms until they’ve been financially cleared.

However, the opposite proved according to some on campus.

“We were financially cleared, but when we went to go to housing, we were told my room had been given to somebody else,” said senior Ameesha Smith.

According to students, the upperclassmen dorms are being occupied by some 600 or so freshmen.

To make matters worse, in a room full of frustrated students and their parents, I’m told one family was met than some less than understanding words from a high ranking university official.

Kitami’s brother-in-law, Uriah Robert’s gave a first-hand account, saying, “The President did address one of the parents. It did not go over well. Some things were said and one of the fathers was told if he didn’t like the situation, then he could take his child and his money and they could leave.”

8News has not yet confirmed those statements.

As of 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, more rooms were made available on campus due to no shows but it’s not enough.

For now, students have been put up in a nearby hotel for two days.

Some parents say they were told some students may have to live in the apartments behind the school.

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