Beaten Pomeranian found with note: ‘We beat it 2 death lol’

This undated photo provided by Ronald Boisvert shows his dog Fox, who went missing from his south Florida condominium on Friday, Aug. 7, 2015. The dog's owners found its body outside their home the next day, and a veterinarian confirmed that it had been beaten to death. The Pembroke Pines Police Department is investigating the incident. (Ronald Boisvert via AP)

MIAMI (KRON/AP) — The beating death of a Pomeranian named Fox may have been eclipsed by the disturbing hand-written note left behind: “We beat it 2 death lol HAHAHA!” Police are now searching for the attackers.

Fox’s owner says the 13-year-old dog’s body was discovered by a “frantic” neighbor outside the owner’s condominium less than 24 hours after Fox disappeared. The note was left on top of the dog.

Owner Ronald Boisvert of Pembroke Pines says he doesn’t know why anyone would want to hurt his dog.

Veterinarian Dr. Ron Ridge says Fox had 10 broken ribs, missing teeth and a broken back. The vet says Fox was likely kicked to death.

Boisvert said his dog vanished Friday afternoon after his girlfriend took the Pomeranian outside. The beaten dog was found by the neighbor the following day.

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