90-year-old man saves wheelchair bound wife from house fire

ABC Photo

ASHEBORO, Nc. (WRIC) — When a 90-year-old man realized his house was on fire, he did everything he could to help get his wife who is in a wheelchair out of the home.

Arthur Schneider and Rosemary have been married for almost 70 years. Rosemary has Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

“He takes care of her, he does everything for her,” Bernadette Such, their daughter, told ABC News. “She can feed herself. That’s the only thing she can do.”

Bernadette Such/ ABC News
Bernadette Such/ ABC News

Such says during a bad storm, lightening may have hit the transformer near the Schneiders’ home which started the fire.

“She was in a wheelchair in our bedroom which is far into the house,” Schneider told ABC News. “And I was in there with her, tending to her. And all of a sudden there’s this bolt of lightning, and I think the lightning must have hit the power in the house and blew the power out.”

Schneider helped guide Rosemary through the smoky house and onto their front porch, but the porch had steps and he couldn’t take the wheelchair down them.

Bernadette Such/ ABC News
Bernadette Such/ ABC News

Not letting the steps stop him from saving his wife,  Schneider ran to a neighbor’s house and asked them to help him take the wheelchair off the porch.

Such says Schneider was able to run to the neighbor’s house without his cane.

As they were getting the wheelchair off the porch, fire trucks began to arrive at the house.

Bernadette Such/ ABC News
Bernadette Such/ ABC News

When talking about her parents’ relationship, Such said, “There’s no way they’ll live without each other. They’re just two people who love each other very much.”

Schneider doesn’t see how he’s the hero in this incident, saying, “I don’t see anything outstanding that I did.”


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