Galette, Hall practice; suit against Galette dismissed

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It was a big day for Junior Galette Monday.

First, the former Saints’ pass rusher took the field in a helmet and pads for the first time since becoming a Washington Redskin on July 31st. Then he learned a Louisiana judge had dismissed a civil suit against him.

A woman in Louisiana claimed Galette physically and mentally abused her. No legal entity filed charges. The accuser followed up with a civil suit in which her attorney offered to settle for $2 million. After Galette and his attorney declined, the attorney dropped the case, citing issues with his client. Since then, the accuser has not found another attorney, and so Monday the judge dismissed the suit.

“The truth came out. It’s unfortunate that it took this long,” Galette said. “I knew it was going to get dropped because I never did anything wrong but it’s nice to have my name cleared out.”

After more than a week of individual practices with no shoulder pads or helmet, Galette sported both Monday afternoon. He said he couldn’t wait.

“Just blessed to have my pads on again. I’ve got a good group of guys who are really encouraging and really embraced me since I got here. Just eager to get on the field,” Galette said.

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall returned from a groin injury as well.

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