2 men shot, 1 dead after shooting in Richmond

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Police have confirmed that a man has died from his wounds after shots were fired in a Southside Richmond neighborhood Monday morning.

“Next thing I know I’m hearing gunshots, like 10-12 gunshots just pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” said resident Chrystal Miller.

Richmond police say they got a call around 11:30 Monday morning for a shooting at the Woodland Crossing apartment complex off of Walmsley Boulevard.

“I happen to look out the window because I heard a bunch of arguing,” said Miller.

Miller says she heard a group of men arguing outside before hearing a string of gunshots.

“There were kids out here when it went on and I was just getting ready to come out the door to leave with my niece when I heard everything,” said Miller.

Richmond Police are still trying to piece together what lead to the shooting. They say two men were shot and while one is expected to be ok, the other suffered life threatening injuries. Miller says she’s lived here for about 5 years and calls this year the scariest.

“The last year that I have been here it has been just pure terror,” said Miller.

She says she’s worried about her sister, nieces and nephews who live in the same complex.

“What if a bullet goes through my sister’s apartment and hits one of my nieces or my nephews, or somebody else that I care about. I wish honestly, I wish I really could move somewhere to where it’s safe,” said Miller.

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