14-foot tiger shark caught off South Carolina beach

(Photo: WCIV)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WRIC/WCIV) — A group of South Carolina men were fishing over the weekend when they snagged a 14-foot-long tiger shark.

The shark is estimated to weigh between 800 and 900 pounds.

A passenger on the boat, Michael Huff, told 8News affiliate WCIV that the shark was found about three-quarters of a mile off the coast, near the Washout, a popular local surfing area.

Huff said the shark was dragged to the beach, where the group got help loading it onto the boat from some willing tourists.

While the shark is big, Huff said it’s not the largest he’s caught before. That record goes to another 1,100-pound shark. Still, he says the shark caught Saturday was the largest he’s caught this year.

Huff says the line was about 10 feet deep. He sees these sharks in the waters until about October, he said.

Click here to read more from WCIV.

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