Richmond’s F.A.C.E. program aims to get parents involved

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Public Schools (RPS) launched a new department to get parents more involved in their child’s education last year.

Just to make sure you remembered, take a look at how it can help your child improve their performance in class.

Although school isn’t in session quite yet, mom Latriece Jackson says the learning has already started.

Jackson says it started with a phone call from her daughter’s principal asking if she wanted to attend a workshop geared toward getting more parents involved in school. It’s something Latriece is passionate about.

“You have to think about, do I want my child to succeed? What is it that I can do to ensure that they succeed.”

Angela Jones, Director of Student Services for RPS, says the answer is clear: “Increased parental involvement results in increased student achievement, long-run, increased graduation rates”

To help motivate that idea, the district created a “Family and Community Engagement” or F.A.C.E. office. The goal is to bridge the gap between parents, kids and the classroom.

Superintendent Dr. Dana Bedden says it’s crucial to building a better district.

“Parental involvement is not just coming to school for a meeting, it’s the things they do at home with encouraging students to do the homework, it’s the value and attitude they put on education”

School leaders say they plan to use grass-roots efforts to better engage the community.

“It’s really trying to have a true, two-way conversation.”

Parents will also get the chance to go to parent university: a series of workshops that would teach them how to help with their kid’s homework, computer skills and even financial literacy.

Latriece is hoping this new approach will help a lot of families step up.

“It really makes a world of a difference.”

Click here to learn more from Richmond Public Schools.

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