How to battle back-to-school anxiety


(WRIC) — For the last couple months, families have been in vacation mode — going to the beach, not worrying about homework. But that’s all changing now and for some, the pressure of a new year, with new classmates and new work is all building.

Even just thinking about the first days of school could be stressing you and your kids out. But there are ways to manage that new school year anxiety.

Dr. Allison Twente with Westhampton Family Psychologists says many kids can get anxious about the new school year for several reasons.

“I’m worried if my new teacher will like me, if I can do the work.”

Parents can feel the pressure too, but Dr. Twente says it’s normal and manageable.

“Parents can model a really excellent way of coping, which means facing stress head-on, talk about it openly,” Dr. Twente says.

She says it’s important for kids to know:

  • The first couple days will be a review
  • Teachers will be getting to know you and setting expectations
  • And everyone feels the same.

Psychologists recommend getting a head start on any back-to-school preparations and checking-in with your children throughout the first few weeks of classes to talk about how they’re feeling.

Click here to learn more about back-to-school anxiety and how to cope. 

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