Woman who crashed car in Wyndham home was driving drunk

Police say a Henrico mom was driving drunk with her 7-year-old in the back seat when she crashed into a home in Wyndham.

Neighbor Chris Hawkins saw it all.

He was driving home Tuesday night just before 6 o’clock when Hawkins says an SUV flew by him at nearly twice the speed limit.

“The car was barely on the road and again traveling at a high rate of speed, I would say anywhere between 60 and 70 miles per hour,” explains hawkins.

He adds the driver, 36-year-old Laurissa Jarvis, missed hitting a man on a bicycle by just a few feet.

Hawkins watched what happened next in his rear view mirror.

“I saw the car come up and over the hill,” says Hawkins, “Lose control a little bit and then immediately jump the side of the road and then up in the yard.”

The Honda CRV crashed into the home of the Topp family.

It took out four rose bushes and damaged the home’s brick exterior and foundation.

“I actually talked to the driver for a few moments and she was apologizing profusely for having done it.” says homeowner Eric Topp.

He wasn’t home when it happened but his 11-year-old daughter Adelle was in her room when she heard a loud screech.

“I kind of just went to my window and then it just happened all fast,” says Adelle. “She hit the sign and then next thing you know she’s in my yard and then hits my house and it shook my room.”

Adelle’s Dad says the driver seemed a little bit off kilter but Henrico Police say Jarvis was drunk.

That she was driving under the influence with her 7-year-old son in the backseat.

Wednesday morning, a judge denied bond for Jarvis, who lives in the same neighborhood where the crash happened.

She faces a slew of charges including child endangerment, refusing to take a blood alcohol test and assault on three police officers.

According to authorities, Jarvis fought off officers when they tried to arrest her.

She is also charged with obstruction of justice for trying to prevent medical staff from drawing her blood.

Jarvis is due back in court on August 20th.

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