Walmart sells baby car seat that can help prevent hot car deaths

(Photo: Evenflo)

Walmart said Wednesday that it has secured an exclusive, one-year deal with Evenflo to sell a $149 car seat that sounds an alarm when a car ignition is shut off while a baby is strapped in.

The car seat is designed to keep parents from leaving their child behind in the car. On average, 38 children die in hot cars each year from heat-related deaths after being trapped inside vehicles, according to

The Evenflo car seat uses a battery operated wireless receiver, which is embedded in the chest strap clip. Other car seat alarm products usually rely on Bluetooth or cellular devices, Evenflo says.

“There are millions of cars in our parking lots every day and we put a challenge out to the industry,” Diana Marshall, vice president for baby at Walmart, said to the New York Post. “Evenflo stepped up with a first-of its kind product aimed at vehicular heat stroke.”

The SensorSafe carseat is available online now and in Walmart stores in August.

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