Fundraising party being held for Chesterfield biker Ken Jefferson

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Erica Williams has been riding motorcycles for 11-years and she is the president of a women’s motorcycle club or M.C. called Lady Unity Rydaz.

“I wouldn’t give it up for the world because people in the M.C .community become your family,” said Williams.

Williams is organizing a Thursday night fundraiser for a fellow biker who died after a trucker slammed into a group of bikers last Friday on the side of a North Carolina highway; his name is Ken “Networker” Jefferson.

“We’re all close knit, when something happens to one it basically affects us all we just really wanted to give back,” said Williams.

The party is being held at the Beer Thirty Bar and Grill on Williamsburg Road in Richmond. Money will be raised for Jefferson’s family.

He leaves behind four daughters, ten grandchildren and an 11th granddaughter on the way who will be named Kennedy, after the grandfather she will never meet.

Meanwhile, authorities have charged Daniel Serna of Florida, in connection to Jefferson’s death. Authorities believe Serna may have dozed off behind the wheel.

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