Developer hoping to bring organic farming community to Hanover County

HANOVER COUNTY, Va (WRIC) A local developer wants to take Hanover County “back to the future” with an organic farming community.

The goal is to incorporate farming into the neighborhood. The developer and his partners held a community meeting Thursday night at Ashland Theater.

“It’s called Chickahominy Falls,” said developer Roger Glover.

A 150-acre residential community that would sit at the corner of Cedar Lane and Holly Hill Road near the Chickahominy River. 300 to 400 homes mainly targeted to empty nesters or retirees as well as some millennials.

“It’s the first community in this area that we’re looking to integrate organic farming into the overall concept and fabric of the community,” said Glover, who owns Cornerstone Homes.

“There’s a lot of historical precedent for farming in Hanover,” said Matthew C. Redmond, owner of Agriburbia.

The community-supported farms would feature all kinds of produce—available to residents and the public.

“We’d like to set it up that you can check on the Internet, see what’s fresh, you get your 2 or 3 pounds for the month or whatever the number may be, and it’s delivered to your house,” said Glover.

“Country needs more farmers and one of the ways to get them is to be able to provide them the opportunity when we’re developing new places,” said Glover.

Redmond says it would provide the necessary infrastructure.

“We not only do the infrastructure, like irrigation, fencing and things like that, but we also set up the supply chains so we actually find restaurants, or school districts or folks that both want to buy the produce or also want to work on the farms and use them for education as well,” said Redmond.

In recent small meetings, residents have expressed concerns about increases in traffic and overall impact. Glover says these meetings have helped him make changes to the project. He plans on filing for re-zoning with the county next month.

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