Bridal gown shopping for a cause

Brides Against Breast Cancer's pop-up shop will be open on Friday at the John Marshall Ballroom.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Ladies, remember how you felt when you found the perfect gown for your wedding day? Tomorrow Richmond-area brides-to-be can shop for their dream dress for a great cause.

The Brides Against Breast Cancer “Nationwide Tour of Gowns” is making a stop at the John Marshall Ballrooms. It is a mobile bridal boutique with a mission.

“Cancer has affected everybody,” says Allison Costa of Brides Against Breast Cancer.

She explains that she watched her best friend’s mom not only get diagnosed with breast cancer but defeat it. Now Costa is committed to helping other patients through shows like the one in Richmond.

Brides Against Breast Cancer accepts and then sells donated gently-worn and brand new gowns. Proceeds go to the online Health Support Network.

“It provides that free support for cancer patients and their families to make sure that nobody goes through cancer alone,” Costa says. “With the proper support and knowing what you’re going through ahead of time and just not being blind about it will help you overcome it.”

Each pop-up shop features racks of top designer gowns, all 25 to 85 percent off their retail price. Nothing costs more than $1,800.

Brides at past shows says shopping with purpose was special.

“Any friends who are getting married in the near future, I’ll definitely recommend this event,” says one in the charity’s video montage.

They remember mothers, grandmothers, sisters and strangers who are beginning their cancer battle now or who may down the road.

“You spend so much on a wedding, so it might as well be for something that’s well worth it,” says a former shopper who found her wedding dress through Brides Against Breast Cancer.

The Brides Against Breast Cancer charity event is Friday, July 24 at the John Marshall Ballrooms, located at 101 North Fifth Street in Richmond. The VIP event costs $20 to get in and goes on from 5 pm to 7 pm. General admission is free from 7 pm to 10 pm with advanced registration, or it costs $5 at the door.

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