Changes made to Shockoe Bottom roads

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — If you drive through Shockoe Bottom you might notice some new changes in some of the roads and in parking.  Utilizing a federal  grant of $564,000 the city of Richmond is converting some of the one-way roads in Shockoe Bottom to two-way traffic.

Some of the conversions include:

  • 17th Street between Broad and Franklin
  • 18th Street between Broad and Grace
  • 19th Street between E. Grace and Main
  • Franklin between 17th and 19th

Shockoe Bottom CrossFit owner Alex Madgar hopes the new direction in traffic will give him more business exposure.”

It could make it a little more visible on 18th with folks being able to go left or right off Broad,” he explained. “So if they’re trying to make it to Main or Carey they won’t have to take one of the side streets to get that way.”

Other changes taking place in Shockoe Bottom include parking. In some areas, motorists are required to back into a space instead of parallel parking.

Although some business owners who did not want to be quoted stated they didn’t like the new parking. Shockoe Bottom resident Jason Radford said the new parking suits him just fine.

“It just crowds the street a little bit in the middle but other than that it does add extra parking for the street,” he said.

Richmond Public Works spokeswoman Sharon North said the changes will help move traffic through Shockoe Bottom and she admitted the changes will take some getting used to for some motorists.

“Anytime there’s change, there’s going to be people who are against it at first and a lot of times once it’s actually implemented they come around but sometimes change is necessary,” said North.

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