You decide: Is this police brutality?

PHOTO CREDIT: (YouTube/CSindependent)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.(KXRM) — The debate over police brutality is hitting the Springs with the uncovering of security camera video obtained by the Colorado Springs Independent.

The video fueled the long-standing debate over the use of force by police.

The officer involved, Officer Tyler Walker, is still working on the streets.

Almost two years ago, Walker responded to a house call on a tip of a gun being there. That’s when his encounters with Alexis Acker started.

Acker, 18 at the time, was arrested for both obstructing an officer from arresting her then-boyfriend and for being intoxicated.

Police reports said she verbally harassed officers and kicked them before being taken to the hospital for a medical checkup because of how drunk she was.

That’s when the video shows Walker forcing Acker into a chair. Moments later she kicked him, and he responded by forcibly throwing her to the ground face first.

This video brings up a big question: was that police brutality?

“In this case I’d have to say no,” said Luke Dunn of Colorado Springs.

“Heck yeah it is. The reason being is she’s a tiny little girl. I mean, there’s no reason that a big officer such as that should be acting such aggressive,” said Zachariah Hicks of Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs Police didn’t comment on this case because there is still an open investigation and a civil case pending.

Acker is in the process of suing the city for $500,000 for her injuries and lasting impacts from the event.

Watch the video below, then let us know what you think. Is this police brutality?

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