Residents says group of kids vandalized cars

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Residents who live in a Chesterfield County neighborhood off Southmoor Road literally had a rude awakening Thursday morning. Residents tell 8News that a group of boys went around their neighborhood and stole from cars in the early morning hours.

According to one resident, a suspect hopped into a vehicle where the keys were left inside. The resident says the suspect then tried to drive away, but reversed into a tree.

Gary Moore lives in the neighborhood and he said he didn’t hear anything overnight. Moore’s car was vandalized, but he admits he left his car unlocked.

“The glove compartment emptied, the console emptied, over the sun visors. Everything thrown all over the place,” says Moore.

Even though the neighborhood is very quiet and it’s considered to be safe, some residents were already being cautious.

“It surprises me in this day and time, anybody leaves their car unlocked outside over night. Sure, it’s a nice neighborhood, but things happen,” says Andy Hammer, a resident.

Neighbors told 8News that the suspects have been arrested, but police haven’t confirmed any arrests. Many of the residents says they will now start locking their doors.

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