Despite treatment, brown recluses return to woman’s apartment

LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) – What’s Nashville mayoral candidate Bill Freeman have to do with brown recluse spiders?

It turns out he owns the management company that has unsuccessfully treated a Lebanon mother’s apartment two times for the arachnids.

The woman, who doesn’t wish to share her name, told 8News sister station News 2 she is unhappy, calling the spider infestation “gross.”

She said brown recluse spiders are all over her apartment.

“Even when I go to reach for my pots and pans to cook dinner, they are crawling around,” the mother said.

News 2 found spiders in the light fixture and multiple traps, and the mother said they were in her 10-year-old child’s bed. She’s even spotted them on herself.

“And I looked down and there was one crawling up my chest and I went into a panic attack, severe anxiety,” she explained. “I just felt like spiders were crawling all over me all day long.”

Brown recluse spiders can cause severe pain, itching, vomiting and occasionally death in young children.

The woman told News 2 she complained to her management company, but the problem persists.

Freeman Webb manages about 100 multi-family properties across Tennessee and Missouri, including this one in Lebanon. The company is owned by mayoral candidate Bill Freeman.

COO Kirby Davis told News 2 they “treat it every time residents tell us they have a problem.”

Davis’ firm has contracted out a licensed pest control company to treat the woman’s apartment twice already.

“And we assumed that solved the problem,” he said. “Now you are letting us know it didn’t, so we’ll treat it again till we solve the problem to her satisfaction.”

“Please, I just want them gone. I don’t want to deal with spiders. They are nasty,” the mother said.

Freeman Webb indicated it will treat the apartment right away. Davis said this is the time of year many of their properties are experiencing issues with the poisonous spiders.

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