Caroline County woman fights off attacker

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A 60-year old woman said she fought for her life to keep a strange man from abducting her.

“He was extremely strong I’m really amazed, I know God was with me and protected me I’m sure my adrenaline was really high and it helped me,” said the woman.

8News will respect the victim’s wishes of not identifying her but she did want to share her story, so what happened to her would not happen to someone else.

“Number one, I would ask women please don’t get gas when it’s dark I’m never going to do that again, from now on I’m gonna be getting gas on the weekends in full daylight. I would tell all women please if you’re ever attacked do not shut up,  scream make all the noise you can; kick and fight for your life,” she said.

The alleged attack happened early Wednesday morning while the victim was pumping gas at an Exxon gas station in Carmel Church, Caroline County.

The woman said she dropped her credit card inside her vehicle and the suspect attacked her when she bent over to find her card.

“And the next thing I know, bam! There he was and he was telling me ‘to get in,’ and that was the only words he said was ‘get in.’ He said it a couple of times  and he was very violent in the attack,” she said. “He hit me, he tried to pull my leg over my head I thought my leg was going to break, he just kept trying to force me into the car and I just fought like hell.”

She added, “I just fought I kicked I punched I screamed I did not shut up I just continuing to scream ‘no, no, no,’ I just continued to do that I kicked, I punched I screamed,” she said.

The bruised woman eventually ended up on the asphalt; the suspect walked away.

Authorities believe a man seen in the gas station’s security video is the suspect they are looking for in the case. Workers inside the gas station said the suspect asked to buy a single condom, but the store did not sell condoms individually.

Investigators are still looking for him; they want to catch him before he strikes again. Authorities, and even the victim, are glad she fought for her life.

“If I hadn’t fought I really believe that y’all would’ve ended up finding my car burned out with my body in it, that’s what I think. I’m sure I would’ve been raped,” said the woman.

In the meantime if you know anything about this case call Crime Stoppers at 804-780-1000.

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