A planned flag run won’t go through Colonial Heights

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — Despite the Confederate flag’s removal from a prominent location in Charleston, S.C., plenty of people in the Richmond area may see a heavy dose of it Saturday. That’s because a group called the 804 Flyers and another group called the 804 Lifted are planning a flag run.

Supporters of the Confederate flag plan to parade it through Petersburg, Hopewell, Dinwiddie and Chester.

However, the flag run organizers do not plan to parade through Colonial Heights because a permit was required.

Christine Carlison said she was raised in Colonial Heights and she feels “the run” should go through her former town.

“I think it was silly not to have them come through Colonial Heights, but other than that this whole thing is crazy to me anyways. People are thinking the Confederate flag is something it wasn’t intended to be — it’s gotten completely blown out of proportion,” Carlison said.

But, barber and businessman Dominic Holloway disagreed,

“I’m certainly glad I think the Colonial Heights community it’s a growing community, I don’t think this city needs the controversy,” stated Holloway. “The city doesn’t need this — the city doesn’t want this,”

In the meantime, the Flag Run is supposed to end in Chester, but some participants might continue to the city of Richmond.

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