Rabid fox terrorizes local neighborhood

KING WILLIAM COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Residents in the Ceder Crest Neighborhood in King William County were trapped inside for days.

“The fox came behind me and bit my upper leg,” said Norikao Dameron who was bit by the fox.

“The fox was chasing us,” said Rhonda Browning whose dog was bit by the fox.

“I let my dog out to come out and go potty,” said Browning.

And that’s when it all started.

The first attack was on Bella the Yorkie, the fox hiding just behind the house before it attacked.

“I noticed the pointy face, so I said, ‘oh my gosh it’s a fox,'” said Browning.

Browning ran inside to get something to throw at it.

“I heard her yelp when I was inside the house and I was just praying in my mind to please let her be alright, please let me make it to her in time,” said Browning.

She made it back out called for Bella. They both ran inside with the fox right on their heels.

“I threw the beanbag on the front porch and he jumped on the bean bag and started pawing at it,” said Browning.

The next morning another attack this time on Rhonda’s neighbor while she was getting her mail. She fought back.

“I grabbed the neck and I have a little leash thing and I start banging. Banging Banging Banging,” said Dameron.

A neighbor would eventually kill the fox — it later tested positive for rabies. Experts warn even if you aren’t bit by an rabid animal it can still be spread through saliva.

Wildlife experts say if you come in contact with any animal that may be rabid call your local animal shelter immediately and do not approach it.

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