Friends use food to highlight LGBT issue

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Two friends, Taryn Miller-Stevens and Peter Stolarski started an organization called “Get Out”. This summer they’re road tripping to every single state to get the word out about issues LGBT people still face.

“Just after marriage, people think LGBT life is fair and everyone is happy, but with 40 percent of homeless youth identifying as LGBT, there are a lot of people around the country that still need help,” says Peter Stolarski, co-founder for the Get Out organization.

The friends partnered up with a Richmond restaurant called Pasture, and together they’re using food as a conversation starter to bring gay and straight people together.

“Everyone needs to eat. It’s really approachable, food is not political, food unites and it really feeds the soul,” says Miller-Stevens.

“I think it’s something you can’t argue with, and it’s so American, the idea of equality; and when you add BLTs which is such an American sandwich, it seems like a fun idea to me,” says  Michelle Jones, the owner of Pasture Restaurant.

Some of the proceeds from every BLT sold at the restaurant until September 22, will go to Diversity Richmond. Diversity Richmond is an organization that helps members of the LGBT community who are still struggling to get acceptance.

Bill Harrison works with Diversity Richmond, he says the financial support will help many people in the Richmond community.

“I think tonight’s fundraiser is just one more example of how the vast majority of people are in favor of justice for all,” says Harrison.

“People are still being thrown out of their homes for being who they are and I think it’s really important that there’s places like Diversity Richmond that you can go to and be who you need to be and get that support,” says Stolarski.

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