Daughter crushes her dad in epic beatbox battle

(Photo: YouTube/Nicole Paris)

This proud father loses his mind when his daughter crushes him at his own beatboxing game.

Check it out:

Nicole Paris of St. Louis, Missouri, learned her incredible beatboxing skills from her dad. The pair both have impressive skills in creating complicated rhythms using only their mouths for instruments.

As Nicole and her talents grew, the apprentice embraced her generational differences and dubstep influence. She’s developed her own, unique style.

The two decided to go head-to-head in a beatbox battle last year. Their audience on YouTube decided that Nicole had officially topped her mentor.

Nicole and her father posted a followup battle on June 29 to Facebook, which has since amassed over 4.5 million views.

Nicole’s dad says he “messed up” roughly two minutes in and then forfeits the round to his apprentice. Nicole then delivers a two-minute-long, bangin’ beat.

As she seals her victory, you can see Nicole’s father well with pride watching his apprentice snatch the throne for best beatboxer.

Watch the original beatbox battle here:

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