UCI Race officials meet with public to announce road closures

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — September’s UCI Road World Cycling Championships is bringing thousands to the city and it’s also bringing road closures.Race officials met with residents at Rocketts Landing Tuesday night to let them know that Broad Street between Governor’s Street and Belvidere Street will be shut down during the race, and drivers on Interstate 95 won’t be able to get off at exit 74 C. It’s an exit many drivers use to get to Church Hill, Shockoe Bottom, and VCU Medical Center.

“People will always be able to get to VCU Medical Center and certainly emergency vehicles such as ambulances will always have access,” said Deputy Richmond Police Chief John Burtula with Richmond 2015.

Burtula says they’ve done everything they can to mitigate traffic problems.

“All of the events start after morning rush hour and end before evening rush hour so it’s really a compressed time frame when there are road closures,” said Burtula.

He says it will all make much more sense to drivers when the transportation plan comes out next week.

“In the next few weeks they’ll see that the traffic management plan will be released and they’ll be able to get around relatively easily with minor inconvenience.”

“There’s other exits that aren’t too far away, it’s not going to be a huge inconvenience. There might be some traffic back up but I don’t think it will be the end of the world,” said Richmond resident Matthew McDonald.

McDonald works in Shockoe Bottom. He says the closures are a small price to pay for playing host to this international event.

“It’s going to be a huge opportunity for the city, the whole world is going to be paying attention to us, it’s going to be pretty awesome.”

Meanwhile VCU Medical Center has set up a website to help people navigate during the race. Just visit http://navigate.vcuhealth.org/.

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