Controversial roundabout in Colonial Heights could cost man 100-year-old property

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. (WRIC) — A controversial roundabout coming to Colonial Heights on Temple Avenue could cost a man property that’s been in his family for over 100 years.

The family home in Colonial Heights has stood the test of time, surviving the Civil War, but due to the new roundabout coming, the house could lose this last battle.

“A lot of the older people use to come down here when my father had the dairy farm, and a lot of the younger generation use to come down here and go fishing, go ice skating, it was a popular spot, everybody knew where the Goddard Family plot was,” said Lloyd Goddard, the man facing losing his house.

The property at one time was 80 acres. When I-95 first was built the Goddard family lost most of their land then to eminent domain. Now it’s down to just over 7 acres.

“Been here all my life, my family’s been here, it’s a hundred and some years that it’s been in the family and progress wants to destroy everything,” said Goddard.

Goodard fears in just weeks all that will be left of the place he calls home is a folder that catalogs the nearly 6 year fight to keep his land.

“News paper articles, papers, pictures, slowly been coming but it’s getting close to the final stages according to VDOT,” said Goddard

VDOT says the design is only about 60% complete, they also sent 8 News a statement that says -” Right-of-way acquisition will not occur until the design work has been completed and approved, which is scheduled to begin in August. Since the design has not been completed, we do not know the full extent of property impacts at this point.”

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