Miracle dog rescued in Richmond after being hit by train

Ms. Lucky Penny (Photo: Richmond Animal Care and Control)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A lucky pup is recovering after she was hit by a train in Richmond on Monday.

Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) said rail yard workers found a dog run over by a train next to railroad tracks in Richmond yesterday afternoon, according to a Facebook post by the organization.

The pup’s back leg and tail had been severed by the train. Luckily, RACC says she is “incredibly fortunate” because the way she the train injured her muscles and ligaments essentially cauterized the vessels, keeping her from bleeding to death. Amazingly, the pup was alert and wagging her little stump when RACC arrived on scene, the post said.

Officers rushed the dog to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center, where she was treated and evaluated.

At first, there was question about whether she would make it. Luckily, the pup can still use her bladder. She now has to undergo surgery to remove what’s left of her back leg and tail.

RACC asked for suggestions for the miracle dog’s name on their Facebook page. They decided on ‘Lucky Penny.’

We are very excited to announce “Lucky Penny” did great last night! Thank you for the great name suggestions. We think this fits her perfectly! She is standing and bright and alert and says thank you for all of the love! We are working on a surgery plan for today or tomorrow but will keep you posted as we progress. So far so good!”

If you are interested in helping support her veterinary care, RACC asks that you please consider making a donation to their nonprofit, the Richmond Animal Welfare Foundation. Click here for more information.

We’re rooting for you, Miss Lucky Penny! Hang in there!

8News reporter Candice Cole is planning to follow up on this story. Watch her full report tonight on 8News at 5:30.

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