Surprise! Hidden camera catches granddad’s adorable reaction to pregnancy news

(Photo: YouTube/Justin Hall)
(Photo: YouTube/Justin Hall)

Here’s one man who’s absolutely STOKED to be a granddad.

After learning that they were expecting, Justin Hall and his wife hid a camera in his in-laws home to capture their reaction when they heard the good news.

Hall’s mother and father-in-law enter the room to find baby clothes hanging on a wall, centered around a sign that reads “Baby Hall 4-27-14.” At first, the in-laws are confused, when the news finally processes, their reaction is priceless.


“Are you pregnant?” the grandmother-to-be asks before yelling in delight. Hall’s father-in-law, though, remains more composed, not showing much physical or emotional reaction to the pregnancy news as his wife jumps around in celebration.

However, when his wife leaves the room, Hall’s father-in-law jumps in delight, swinging his arms in a flurry of positive emotion.

“I found it funny how he looked around to make sure there wasn’t a camera before jumping like a 5-year-old getting a puppy,” Hall wrote on YouTube.

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube on September 27, 2013 but was birthed new viral life in recent days online.

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