Have you seen this ring?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The family of an area veteran who passed away unexpectedly is doing everything they can to find his missing wedding band.

The ring slipped of Bill Hodges finger on June 12th after he was transported from an Ashland Rehabilitation Center to the VA hospital in Richmond.

Hodges died one week later, just days before his 21st wedding anniversary.

“We had a good life, a great life together. He was a storyteller and a great dad and a great grandfather. You know he was special,” says Hodges’ widow, Phyllis.

She’s desperate to find the ring that symbolized their love.

And so is Hodges’ daughter who hopes the power of social media will help bring her dad’s ring home.

She posted a picture on Facebook along with a plea for help just over a week ago.

So far, it’s been shared more than eleven-thousand times by people all over the world.

“Their marriage was a key point in who I am and the way I have been able to be and I want that symbol of their marriage to be back with my mom, where it belongs,” explains daughter Paula Patrick.

The ring is 24 karat gold with a scroll and star design on the outside. Inside it has the couple’s wedding date “6-24-94” along with the name “Phil” short for Phyllis.

“It just means so much to me if someone finds it and has a good heart and could return it to us,” adds Phyllis.

Here’s a link to the family’s Facebook post about the ring: https://www.facebook.com/AlivyahsParents

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