Dozens of Chesterfield County cars, homes shot up by BB guns

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Residents in Chesterfield County are hoping police will catch the teens responsible for vandalizing homes and cars with BB guns.

“She was really freaked out, she called the cops,” said Daniel Cancel.

Cancel says he, his sister and mother were at home sleeping when they woke up in a panic to two loud noises when two pellets hit this window in their home.

“We’re going to get our window replaced but…it’s just childish,” he said.

Cancel is one of 26 victims in the county who’ve had their cars or homes struck by pellets fired from BB guns.

“Walked outside, saw the chip on my windshield, it’s consistent with a BB gun,” said Ryan, a resident.

The shootings were random all through June, and the majority of cases have been near the Mallard Cove apartments in Midlothian. They’ve had 11 incidents of young people shooting at car windows and even apartments themselves.

“Stupid, mindless crime that is messing up people’s livelihoods. I mean, that’s $200, $300 or whatever it costs that comes out of my pocket. They ain’t going to pay for it,” said Ryan.

Residents on the other side of Genito Rd. say they’ve seen a group of teens drive by shooting bb guns, striking cars and bedroom windows as well, with people inside.

Police are investigating to see if these incidents are related.

“I was mad about it, but I mean there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ll get it fixed when I can get it fixed,” said Ryan.

“I was really mad, wanted to find out who did it. I went around the neighborhood asking questions but I never got to the bottom of it,” said Cancel.

Officers are asking residents to keep an eye out for people firing these guns and to call police right away.

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