Texas farmer killed after disturbing massive bee hive

Crews exterminated a 15-20 foot long bee hive on a farm in Lozano, Texas on June 28, 2015, after a farmer died from a bee attack. (Photo courtesy ABC News/Raul Zuniga Jr.)

A farmer in Texas was killed by a swarm of bees after he disrupted their gigantic hive with his tractor.

According to ABC News, Rogerio Zuniga was on his tractor in Lozano, Texas when he struck an 18-inch diameter pipe.

Bees then swarmed from the pipe and attacked Zuniga, who soon after collapsed to his death.

“He jumped off the tractor and ran about 100 yards away from the swarm before he collapsed in the field,” said San Benito Fire Department Chief Raul R. Zuniga Jr., who is Rogerio’s cousin.

Rogerio’s family found the tractor abandoned before discovering his body covered in bees.

“He had gaping wounds, the bees shredded him basically. It was horrible,” Rogerio’s sister Lisa Zuniga told CBS affiliate KGBT.

Inside the pipe that Rogerio struck with his tractor, fire department crews found 15 to 20 feet of honeycomb.

“We got help from the county and an exterminator, but we broke the concrete pipe to get into it. The thing was just filled with bees,” Raul said. “They were extremely aggressive, too. One of the guys on my team got stung through his veil.

“In our area bees have always been a problem, but not to this extent,” Raul added. “I was told the weather has been causing them to swarm and that most colonies are infected with Africanized bees that seem to be more aggressive.”


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