How to protect your home from thieves while you’re on vacation

(WRIC) — Your vacation may not be too relaxing if you come home to find your house ransacked by thieves.

This happened to one Chesterfield family while they were in Europe back in May.

Thieves broke into their Chester home and took off with more than $30,000 in valuables and cash.

“They took the money and the jewelry and some important papers,” recalls Manjit Singh. “My daughters room, my son’s room, my dad’s room, all the clothes, they take it out, they scattered everywhere.”

“They knew that they had time, they took their time because they knew no one was going to be home,” says Harpreet Kaur. She was in Europe with her mother at the time.

It’s prime time for crooks to come in and take what’s yours.  So here are some tips that could help prevent break-ins; set up automatic lights that will switch on both in and outside of your home. Make sure you dead bolt every door and secure all windows. Police also say there’s another telltale sign you haven’t been home in a while.

“Leaving newspapers in the driveway, not having the mail picked up by a friend or relative when they are out of town,” says Corporal Tim Lamb with the Chesterfield Police Department’s crime prevention office.

The Chesterfield family that lost thousands during the home break-in  has received support from the community. One of the family members work for the United States Postal Service. Some of those workers did a fundraiser for the family after the burglary of their home.

More safety tips: Fact Sheet Vacation Safety Fact Sheet Home Security

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