High crash rates on Rt. 288 has Chesterfield County weighing options

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — “There are lots of accidents, I mean because the traffic is backed up so far and people are just going on down the road and then all of sudden you come up on that,” said driver Donna Taylor.

Officials say the interchange at Route 288 and Hull Street Road is one of the busiest places in Chesterfield County and at the request of the county, VDOT studied the interchange to see how serious the traffic problem is. According to the study, there were more than 1,000 crashes on Hull Street Road and 288 in that area between 2010 and 2013 and accidents are just one of the issues.

“The congestion through the area here at the stop light is horrible I mean it takes forever to get through there,” said driver Matt Orcutt.

As of 2012 there were 82,000 vehicles a day at 288 and Hull Street Road. VDOT estimates that number will jump to over 121,000 by 2040.

“Anybody who travels that area regularly sees that,” said Mark Riblett with VDOT.

Riblett says their study identified problems and also looked at potential solutions.

“What can be done in order to improve the efficiency of the interchange in order to specifically address that,” said Riblett.

The improvements greatly range in price including extending and adding to the deceleration lane off of 288 south going West on Hull Street Road, costing between $8-10 million, to expanding the entire interchange which could cost as much as $150 million.

“I don’t know. That seems like a lot of money to fix that problem,” said Orcutt.

Though VDOT says it will take several options to fix the problems.

“No one recommendation out of the study is going to solve all of the problems,” said Riblett.

Officials say the next step is identifying the greatest needs, and how to fund them.

You can find a list of potential solutions and their cost here.

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