Not-so-scaredy-cat pounces at bear, frightening it away

(Photo: YouTube/Darlis Elliott/Jukin Media)

This family cat was not playing around when a bear wandered up on a porch in Alaska.

After a couple seconds of crouching and curiously examining the black bear through a glass sliding door, Nani the cat leaps into the air, sending the bear running scared!

The cat’s owner, Darlis Elliot, said Nani isn’t usually a fearless feline.

“She’s really such a fraidy-cat most of the time. I don’t know what got into her, Darlis Elliot told the television station KTUU. “She probably wouldn’t have lunged if we weren’t standing right behind her.”

When Nani lunges, the bear can be seen backing off the porch. Elliot said she has yet to see it again!

“We were all really surprised that she lunged at him, but we were more surprised that it scared him enough to fall off the porch,” she said.

Wildlife experts say you should do your best to stay away from black bears, but in situations like this where it’s unavoidable, you should stand your ground and scare it away, just like Nani the cat.

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