Confederate battle flag supporters challenging call to remove license plates

FILE This Thursday May 2, 2002 file photo shows a sample of the Sons of Confederate Veterans specialty Virginia state license plate in Richmond, Va. Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Tuesday, June 23, 2015 that he's moving to have the Confederate flag banished from state license plates in the wake of a massacre at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina. (Mark Gormus/Richmond Times Dispatch via AP)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Confederate battle flag supporters are challenging Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s call to remove it from state license plates.

The Sons of the Confederate Veterans sent a letter to the DMV Commissioner and the Governor basically saying that a federal court order overrules the governor’s actions.

The letter reads in part:

“I am aware of no order from the 4th Circuit vacating our right to receive our plates from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and on behalf of all the citizens of the Commonwealth I insist that you follow the rule of law.”

When McAuliffe made the call to remove the flag from plates, he said he would work with the Attorney General on the current ruling.

He has also directed the Secretary of Transportation to develop a plan for replacing those plates as soon as possible.

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