Hanover board denies plan for controversial motocross track in Doswell

HANOVER County, Va. (WRIC) – The Hanover County Board of Supervisors denied plans for a new motocross dirt bike track that had started some controversy in Doswell.

“There’s only two facilities on the east coast right now,” said Randall Everett, a professional rider who applied for the conditional use permit to build the track.

Everett wanted the county to approve a plan to convert land near Route 1 and Verdon Road into a 44-acre complex with a dirt track, bleachers, restrooms, and parking for overnight camping. The track would host a max of 3 events a year — but would mainly serve as a training spot.

“If I want to get good training in like Randall’s offering, it’s 6 or 7 hours just to travel there, stay for two or three days and that exact same trip home,” said Hanover rider Blake Thompson.

“There are so many kids and families that want this facility–a safe place to ride, a place to learn,” said Everett.

There were also those who didn’t want to see it in their backyard.

“I know there’s going to be extra noise from the little pipes plus they’re going to have RVs over there and I’m sure they’ll be running generators,” said Jean W. Carter, who lives across the street from the proposed site.

“This is a rural area. We don’t want it to become another intersection on the road that everybody stops at. We already have King’s Dominion, not far from there are the state fair grounds, we have plenty of traffic come through here from those,” said resident Donna Henderson.

The county’s planning commission approved the draft, not citing significant traffic impacts.

“With ambient noise around, with traffic, other businesses on Route 1, the industrial businesses, the noise that we’ll produce is nowhere close to what’s already being produced there,” said Everett.

Supporters also said the track would attract local and out-of-state riders, helping the county’s tourism revenue.

After Wednesday’s meeting, Randall told 8News he’s not giving up–he hopes to find another area to build his motocross track.

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