Astronaut captures rare red aurora photo

(Photo: Scott Kelly/Twitter)

INDIANAPOLIS (MEDIA GENERAL) – NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is spending a year in space and tweeted a spectacular photo of a red aurora after witnessing the colorful scene.

Kelly posted the photo Monday, June 22 writing, “I’ve never seen this before…Spectacular!”

According to the Washington Post, three coronal mass ejections in the last few days have made their way to Earth to create the geomagnetic storm. The storm was labeled a G4, the second highest on a five-point scale.

Down on Earth, the aurora was best seen in Canada.

Previously, a geomagnetic storm on St. Patrick’s Day brought brilliant colors to Michigan, Wisconsin and as far south as Tennessee.

As for Kelly, three hours after his first photo was posted he shared another where the red curtain of the aurora could still be seen.

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