Aguilar’s defense team: Infidelity does not make him a criminal

FORT WORTH, Texas (WRIC) – The jury is still deliberating in the Geronimo Aguilar child sex abuse case. The former ROC pastor is charged with seven felonies on allegations that he sexually abused to girls in the ‘90s when he was their youth pastor.

Aguilar’s fate now lies in the hands of the jury. But before the case was handed over to the jury, more stunning testimony was heard Wednesday from another Virginia witness.

“And I said, ‘did you molest my goddaughter?’” said the godfather of the former ROC parishioner who testified Tuesday that Aguilar fondled her behind and breasts when she was just 16.

He told the jury today he confronted Aguilar and the former mega church pastor confessed.

“He cried the whole time when we were in asking for forgiveness saying it is a family curse. He needs to break the habit, he needs help,” he said.

With his testimony, the state rested its case and began closing arguments. Prosecutors told the jury the first alleged victim’s testimony was detailed, included dates and they stressed her account of the alleged abuse never once changed during multiple interviews with investigators.

“And they argued Aguilar’s sneaking around on his wife and congregation with all those extra marital affairs proves he can’t be trusted,” said Sheila Wynn, a Tarrant County prosecutor.

“He will lie about anything. He lied to his mistresses, he lied to his wife, he lied to the court, he lied to you,” Eric Nickols, a Tarrant County prosecutor, told the jury.

“Presidents engage in extra martial affairs. That doesn’t make them child molesters,” argued defense attorney Thomas Pavlinic.

The defense argued that infidelity doesn’t make him a criminal and that no one saw the alleged sex abuse nor is there any physical proof of the alleged sexual assaults.

If Aguilar is convicted he could face life in prison.

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