Lost Father’s Day card returned to family thanks to newscast & viewers

8News reporter Claudia Rupcich first did the story Friday night, when when a local woman who found a Father’s Day card in a Midlothian store parking lot, and was determined to get it back to the child who created it.

She reached out to us and through our story and social media, we were able to find the family!

“I’m thrilled to have it back, and now we’ve got to make it a surprise for Sunday,” said Eric Cornett, the father.

The Cornetts were watching our newscast in their Powhatan home when they son their son’s artwork. It had fallen out of their truck in a target parking lot in when Ali Pfautz picked it up.

Sunday, they met up and the 4-year-old behind the masterpiece, got his project back.

“I love that I got one white eye, and that he wouldn’t trade me for food, which is a good thing to know,” said Eric Cornett, describing the card.

Pfautz says the work was worth it.

“The power of social media, the power of television, and the power of the heart — to get a little boy’s artwork to his dad…it’s pretty cool,” she said.

Wyatt was so excited he made Pfautz a thank you card.

A small gesture from a complete stranger went a long way for this family.

“For one I didn’t know that it was lost, and just the fact that someone took the time to find us,” said Ann Cornett, the mother.

“I’ve got the most wonderful children in the world,” said Eric Cornett.

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