3 juveniles detained after vandalizing Chesterfield middle school

CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A group of juveniles broke into a Chesterfield Middle School and caused thousands of dollars in vandalism on Saturday – just one day after schools let out for the summer.

Police told 8News that just before 7 p.m. Saturday, they were called to Providence Middle School for an alarm going off. When they arrived, they spotted the three juveniles and the damage, which included broken windows, TVs and computers smashed, fire extinguishers that had been set off and even burn marks on one of the doors.

“It’s kind of scary and it makes me very upset that someone would actually do such a thing,” said Erica St. John, a rising 7th grader at Providence Middle School who lives nearby.

Erica’s mother, Lindy St. John,  added, “as a parent, it makes me very sad. We had police cars in our driveway, beside our house.”

Police said when they arrived on scene, the three kids were still on the school’s campus; one was inside the school on a bicycle and police had to chase the other two before taking them into custody.

Investigators are not saying how the kids got inside the school or if they go to Providence Middle. They did, however, say a door was unlocked when police arrived.

The three juveniles were taken to a detention center.



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