MLB Draft 2015 for college baseball where you live

Virginia's Kenny Towns has been drafted by the Los Angeles Angels

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The 2015 MLB Draft continues and many college baseball players from the state of Virginia and hailing from the greater Richmond area have had their names called.

We’ve compiled a list of all VA colleges or local players that have been drafted, as of 9:15 pm June 10th, 2015:

1st Round:

40th (Milwaukee Brewers): Nathan Kirby, UVA [James River Grad.]

2nd Round:

74th (Los Angeles Dodgers): Josh Sborz, UVA

5th Round:

148th (Milwaukee Brewers): Joe McCarthy, UVA
157th (Pittsburgh Pirates): Brandon Waddell, UVA

9th Round:

278th (Oakland Athletics): Jared Lyons, Liberty University

10th Round:

293rd (Chicago Cubs): Vimael Machin, VCU

11th Round:

343rd (Baltimore Orioles): Ryan Meisinger, Radford

12th Round:

353rd (Chicago Cubs): P.J. Higgins, ODU
369th (Kansas City Royals): Daniel Concepcion, VCU

13th Round:

402nd (Los Angeles Dodgers): Michael Boyle, Radford [Deep Run Grad.]

14th Round:

422nd (Toronto Blue Jays): Ryan Hissey, William & Mary
426th (San Francisco Giants): Matt Winn, VMI [J.R. Tucker Grad.]

16th Round:

474th (Philadelphia Phillies): Brandon Hayden, Virginia Tech

19th Round:

569th (New York Mets): Nic Enright, Steward School
572nd (Toronto Blue Jays): John La Prise, UVA

20th Round:

615th (Los Angeles Angels): Kenny Towns, UVA

21st Round:

628th (Tampa Bay Rays): Matt Dacey, University of Richmond

22nd Round:

672nd (Los Angeles Dodgers): Jordan Tarsovich, VMI [Trinity Episcopal Grad.}

23rd Round:

680th (Minnesota Twins): Alex Perez, Virginia Tech
681st (Boston Red Sox): Kyri Washington, Longwood University

24th Round:

708th (Texas Rangers): Ashton Perritt, Liberty University

26th Round:

789th (Kansas City Royals): Alex Close, Liberty University

27th Round:

801st (Boston Red Sox): Saige Jenco, Virginia Tech
821st (St. Louis Cardinals): Greg Tomchick, Old Dominion

32nd Round:

969th (Kansas City Royals): Jake Kalish, George Mason

33rd Round:

997th (Pittsburgh Pirates): Sean Keselica, Virginia Tech

34th Round:

1029th (Kansa City Royals): Taylor Ostrich, Old Dominion

36th Round:

1089th (Kansas City Royals): Tanner Stanley, University of Richmond
1090th (Detroit Tigers): Daniel Pinero, UVA

38th Round:

1142nd (Toronto Blue Jays): Josh Reavis, Radford [Clover Hill Grad.]

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