Attorneys for Jesse Matthew, Jr. enter Alford plea in Fairfax rape trial

(Photo: William J. Hennessy Jr.)

BREAKING UPDATE: Jesse Matthew, Jr. has entered an Alford plea to all charges against him in reference to a 2005 rape and assault in Fairfax.

This is a breaking news update. Stay with 8News for more on this developing story.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) —  Day three of Jesse Matthew, Jr.’s Fairfax rape trial began Wednesday morning.

Matthew is accused of brutally raping a woman, who’s being called “RG” in this trial, back in 2005.

The prosecution only had one more witness left to call to the stand on Wednesday morning. They have since rested their case. The prosecution asked that the charges go before the jury for consideration.

Matthew and his family stepped aside to talk to defense attorney Jim Camblos during a brief recess in court — which later turned into an hour-long ordeal. After the recess, Matthew ended up entering an Alford plea.

Nine witnesses took the stand for the prosecution on Tuesday, including six police officers and detectives. They all responded to the scene the night of the alleged attack and testified that RG was in shock, had multiple scratches on her body, a swollen face, and had grass in her hair.

A nurse who gave RG a sexual assault exam also testified on Tuesday. She collected possible DNA evidence, including scrapings from under RG’s fingernails. A DNA expert said on the stand those scrapings don’t belong to RG, but do belong to a man.

On Tuesday, several people showed up to court including Matthew’s parents and sister,  Morgan Harrington’s parents, and investigators from Albermarle County who are involved with Hannah Graham’s murder case. Matthew has been linked to Harrington’s and Graham’s cases.

Stay with 8News for continuous coverage of this trial.

(All sketches courtesy William J. Hennessy Jr.)

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