Watch California man’s McDonald’s drive-thru proposal fail

(WISH) — Proposing at a restaurant where you had your first date may sound like a good idea.

Unfortunately for a California man, good ideas don’t always work.

The man uploaded a video to YouTube of his McDonald’s proposal gone all wrong. He arranged the proposal in advance, coordinating with the woman’s father and the drive-thru staff.

The couple stopped at McDonald’s on their first date two years ago, and since then the girlfriend had joked that he would probably propose using a chicken nugget box. He decided to put the ring on the top of a chicken sandwich.

But when the man pulled out the ring in the drive-thru, his girlfriend wasn’t lovin’ the idea.

“I can’t marry you,” she said. “You just asked me on a bun.”

The man who posted the video on YouTube said the two eventually decided to wait to get engaged.

Watch highlights of the painful proposal in the video player above.

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