Petersburg residents question water bills once again

PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Some Petersburg residents are questioning their water bills and wondering if they’ve been over charged. One resident and business owner had three separate water bills from the same address.

One of the bills for Jill Baker’s Liberty Tax office cost $207.80.

“I was shocked, but I paid it because I didn’t know what the previous were, so I didn’t even know what to expect,” says Baker.

Two subsequent bills, which were just on a two month billing cycles, cost $66.62 and $44.98. Even though the subsequent bills were on a two and not a three month cycle, Baker still believes there is a problem with the accuracy of the bill.

“This is the huge discrepancy here,” says Baker.

We took those concerns to the city to find out if there is in fact a problem with Baker’s bill. The city reviewed Baker’s Bill and they did not find an issue with her bill.

“No, the bills are accurate, we read the meters every month,” says Mia Monteiro, the Utility Billing Supervisor with City of Petersburg. “There could have been something happening at the specific location that the customer may not have told us or wasn’t aware of. There could have been a slow running toilet, there could have been some type of leak,” says Baker.

Over the past few months,  some Petersburg residents have had higher than normal water bills. This started after the city switched over to newer more effective meters. The city says those problems are mostly a thing of the past. If you have a problem bill, this is what you need to do.

“Reach out to us so we can follow up. How much is the consumption, how much is the dollar amount, is it going higher, lower, so we could possibly do something about the bill,” says Monteiro.

There is also another issue, some residents received bills with due dates that stated June 19, 2019. The city says that was an error that should have said 2015.

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