Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announces he will run for president

AUSTIN (KXAN) — There’s big news from overnight. Former Gov. Rick Perry released a campaign video announcing his bid to be our next president.

Perry is expected to formally make his announcement around noon, standing with veterans to highlight his years serving the U.S. military. He is one of the few Republican candidates that has served in the military. He’ll make that the focus in the Dallas suburb of Addison on Thursday, standing next to Chris Kyle’s wife.

We’ve known him as governor for 14 years, the longest-serving in Texas History. In just a few hours, Perry will ask America to make him the 45th president.

During his first attempt in 2012, he stormed into the race and stormed into the top spot for a few weeks — until a few bad debate performances and slip-ups on the campaign trail had him drop out. Over the past four years, his team as put a lot of emphasize on his training. They’ve released all sorts of Web ads in key early states, such as Iowa and New Hampshire, trying to reintroduce us to “Rick Perry 2.0.”

In 2012, Perry was considered a front runner.  This time around, the odds are stacked against him.

“People are not looking for him to stumble,” said KUT reporter Ben Philpott. “They’ll see whether or not he can make a comeback.”

“This is what Rick Perry does,” said Texas Tribune reporter Jay Root. “Rick Perry runs for office, and the idea that there would be some opportunity he wouldn’t take advantage of is very foreign to him.”

The race for 2016 is expected to have seven candidates with Texas ties.

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