Sports bar in Virginia Beach at center of social media firestorm

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WRIC) —  A sports bar in Virginia Beach is at the center of a social media firestorm started by Virginia’s own rapper Pusha T.

The local recording artist posted on his Instagram that the Venue 112 in Virginia Beach is racist.

“White males and females walked in before us,” said Pusha T.

When Pusha T got to the door he was told “you can’t come in.”

“That manager or owner spoke to the doorman and said whispered to them tell them we are doing guest list only,” said Pusha T.

Pusha T wasn’t on the guest list, and he never made it inside.

Pusha T isn’t the only star that wasn’t allowed in. Three years ago local NFL star from the Seattle Seahawks Kam Chancellor couldn’t get in either when he was with Dominic Little.

“They said we couldn’t come in unless we were on the guest list and someone from the radio station and let them in because they sponsored him,” said Little.

A year ago Little went to Venue 112 with his friend DJ Chino.

Little and DJ Chino came to Venue 112 together, but Little wasn’t allowed in because they didn’t him.

“We saw them let in other people in while we were waiting; no guest list, no nothing.” said Little.

Attorney Kevin Martingayle who represents one of the club owners said, “Venue does not discriminate based on race.”

Attorney Martingayle did admit Venue does discriminate based only on familiarity.

Venue 112 has a guest list, pages and pages of names, and if you’re on the list you are a preferred customer.

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