Thousands of debit cards vulnerable after skimming at Va. Credit Union ATMs

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — More than 2,000 debit cards were compromised after a skimming device was discovered at three Virginia Credit Union (VACU) ATM locations in the area. The locations of the ATMs were at the Glenside and Southpark locations. Besides Southpark and Glenside, VACU disrupted an effort by criminals at a third location, but the skimming device and card information were recovered and card information was not at risk.

Officials at VACU tell 8News that those who used any of the three VACU ATMs that were compromised between Memorial Day weekend and today could be vulnerable. Although not all cards used in the time frame have been involved in fraudulent activity, VACU says personal information on your card may be at risk. Your name, card number, expiration date and personal identification number could be out there.

8News reporter Sydney Cameron found that skimmers are able to steal card information from ATMs. They put an electronic device into the machine’s card reader to collect data from the cards. Then they come back later, retrieve it, and make duplicate cards to use elsewhere. This could happen to anyone which is why experts suggest that you check the ATM for any dangling wires or signs of tampering before using it.

VACU released a statement to 8News that reads in full:

We are aware of ATM skimming. We’re aware that that’s been occurring at other banks and has affected us as well. We are reaching out and are sending letters to members who’ve been affected. We’re sending out letters and can tell who’s been affected. We are replacing their debit cards. Any losses related to fraud will be restored.”

VACU says they plan on issuing new cards to those affected, reducing cash withdraw limits to $100 and eventually blocking old, compromised cards. Members will also receive a refund. VACU says cardholders will have zero liability, meaning you pay nothing in the event of unauthorized transactions.

VACU included some tips for your protection within the letter being sent to those affected:

Important steps you should take:

  • Before your new card arrives, we recommend that you change your current debit card PIN by calling (866) 985-2273.
  • Regularly review your statements and account information. Online and Mobile Banking are easy ways to do this. Please call us immediately if you become aware of any suspicious transactions.
  • If you have given your card number to companies for automatic drafts (such as EZ Pass, internet service, etc.), contact them with your new card information when you receive it.


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