Caitlyn Jenner’s transition brings awareness to transgender movement

(WRIC) —  It took Caitlyn Jenner 65 years to transition to the gender she feels most comfortable with.

The attention Jenner has garnered is what some are calling a clear sign that our world is changing. Lee Collie, a senior at VCU, says it’s a change for the better.

“I am very proud of her for coming out,” Collie says.

Collie is gender fluid. They say they don’t want to be boxed into a gender as either a man or woman.

Collie’s generation is one that’s much different from the one Jenner grew up in, though. Collie found that their identity was accepted and even welcome in their dorm at VCU.

“I really appreciated the amount of open minded people on the floor, and many of them were heterosexual guys,” Collie said.

Dr. Mary Colfer of the Fan Free Clinic works with gay, lesbian, and transgender patients. She says that Jenner’s transition has allowed others to feel that they can truly be themselves.

“It seems like we are headed in the right direction and I do think it’s good to get people just talking about it,” Dr. Colfer says.

Even though our society is much more tolerant, Colfer says she’s noticed that the simple things that can make a huge difference.

“If you are that and you have ever been called sir, you know that kind of makes you cringe, so we all like to be identified as the gender you identify as.”

Young people watching Jenner’s transition say they know that coming out is now easier than the past… but there’s still more work to be done.

“I don’t think Caitlyn herself will bring all the change that we want.”

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