Newborn cheetah cub dies at Metro Richmond Zoo

Photo: Metro Richmond Zoo's Facebook page.

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — One of the recently born cheetah cubs at Metro Richmond Zoo died Sunday.

Metro Richmond Zoo made the announcement on its Facebook page.

“We are sad to announce that one of Lana’s cubs passed away this morning,” reads the post. “This was a complete shock to us because the cubs had their 4 week check-up 3 days ago. All cubs had gained significant weight and were in great body condition.”

The zoo says keepers noticed that the cub was isolated and not as active. She was removed from her enclosure and given fluids and antibiotics, but died less than a hour later.

The cub that died was one of six birthed last month by mother cheetah Lana.

According to the zoo’s facebook post, a vet will perform a necropsy on Monday to try to determine the cause of death.

The remaining five cubs were put on antibiotics beginning Sunday as a precaution.

The cubs will also have blood samples drawn to screen for any underlying health problems.

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