Lilly Pulitzer Under Fire for ‘Fat Shaming’

(WTHN) — Clothing company Lilly Pulitzer, known for its bright colors, is finding itself in the spotlight for another reason.

The company, headquartered in Pennsylvania, is accused of fat shaming. The controversy is over cartoons displayed on a refrigerator at the office.

One of the drawings is of an overweight woman with a caption that reads: “just another day of fat, white and hideous. You should probably just kill yourself.”

Another shows an overweight woman in a bikini saying: “put it down carb face.”

The company says it’s the work of one employee and does not reflect the company’s values.

Lilly Pulitzer drew some negative publicity in January when Target announced the company would not sell larger sized clothing in the stores and that they would only be available online.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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