Dog found near river belongs to father of missing wife, kids

Jonathan McComb was found in flood waters but his wife and two children are still missing. (Courtesy: McComb Family)

ABC News Videos | ABC Entertainment News

WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) — While John McComb is recovering from injuries he incurred from surviving the flooding in Hays County, his wife and two children are still missing. While he awaits news on his family, there was a glimmer of hope when his four-legged family member, Maggie, was found in the flood debris in Wimberley.

Laura McComb and her two children, 6-year-old Andrew and 4-year-old Leighton, are among those missing.

“I think recognizing with what’s happening with the weather, we all know and we have accepted that they’re gone,” Julie Shields, McComb’s sister, told 8News affiliate KVUE . “My sister and I had been texting and talking throughout the night and she had told me around 11 o’clock that water had started coming in.”

Jonathan was rescued from the river bank. KUVE reports he’s recovering in a San Antonio hospital with a broken sternum, broken rib and a collapsed lung.

“He is absolutely devastated. He did everything he possibly could to save them. What happened was the house slammed into a bridge and the house broke in two and they had all been in the house together holding hands but when the house hit the bridge and it separated, he got separated from everyone else,” Shields told KVUE.

According to Angela Clendenin with Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine, a Wimberley resident was surveying his property when he found the yellow Labrador near Little Arkansas Road. When he took the dog to the mobile veterinary clinic, volunteers were able to check her microchip and found out she belonged to John McComb. Working with Texas Task Force 1, the emergency crews were able to reach out to John’s relatives and they picked up the dog on Monday afternoon.

The McComb family, along with their friends, was spending the holiday weekend in a rental property along the Blanco River when the floodwaters ripped through Wimberley.

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