Are you prepared for hurricane season?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Hurricane season begins on Monday, June 1.  Do you have a preparedness kit?

“I do not,” resident Ashton Harris says.

Harris is like most of us.  Hurricanes are not even on our radar yet.

“You don’t want to be running out on the day of the storm trying to find batteries because you’re not going to get them,” warns Dan Genest of Dominion Virginia Power.

He lists what to get together now instead of later when it is urgent:

–Water, one gallon per person for three days
–Non-perishable food
–Battery or crank-operated weather radio
–Cell phone charger for car
–Emergency contacts

Central Virginia has not been hit really hard in a few years, but Irene in 2011 and Isabel in 2003 are examples of the devastation that can happen here.

“That was horrible.  People were not ready for that,” remembers Genest.  “Be proactive.  Get your kit together now.”

There is a Hurricane Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday going on in Virginia until Sunday, May 31.  Most items you will want for your kit will be tax-free.

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